ssclassadultSunday School

Regularly spending time learning to know and love God’s Word is a vital part of a growing faith in Christ.

Each Sunday morning at 9:30am our Sunday School classes spend time digging into the Bible and discussing how we can apply what we read in our lives.

We have two adult Sunday School classes – one tends to attract those in their 20’s-50’s while the other tends to attract those in the 50’s and up – but you are more than welcome to participate in either class regardless of your age.

Wednesday Nightwedpmadult

In our adult Wednesday Night classes (Fall-Winter), we like to spend time getting together and delving into the Word. We believe that reading scripture and having discussions helps our faith in Christ continue to grow.

Wednesday night classes sometimes consist of multi-week Bible study series. Other weeks we may hold prayer meetings where we pray not only for physical needs within the church, but also the spiritual needs of our community and our outreach efforts.

The atmosphere is laid back, where we laugh a lot while also get into some serious topics.

Walk - Group1Special Events

In addition to our regularly scheduled programs we also try to do several special events throughout the year.

We all need to eat and if there is one thing our church does amazingly well it’s eat – but only because all the cooks are so good!  We have several fellowship meals throughout the year – some which are just an excuse to get together and eat and others where we will have a concert or game night to go along with it.

We also have made a concerted effort over the past few years to focus more of our attention on outreach events and we are regularly looking for opportunities to serve our community together – whether that means baking cookies for the elementary across the street’s open house, providing and staffing a free bounce house at downtown festivals, or raising money for local charities like Women in Need (see the picture on the left for a good laugh!).