Restoration Movement

During the early history of the United States, many immigrants began to question the denominational creeds and practices that had bound them in the “old world” and that were attempting to do so in the “new world.” A group of New England Christians broke out of denominationalism and announced their intentions to follow the Bible only. Another group in Kentucky and still another in Pennsylvania began to call on believers to unite on the teaching found in Scripture and to abandon man made creeds and traditions.

In order to let go of human traditions and loyalties to dynamic personalities, these groups focused on exalting Christ alone. This movement came to be known as the Restoration Movement and the movement spread like “wild fire” as the pioneers moved west with Bibles in hand.

Preachers such as Barton W. Stone, Thomas and Alexander Campbell and James O’Kelly encouraged believers to go back beyond the beginning of divisive denominations and restore the church that emerges from the pages of the New Testament.

These churches became known by several names – including the Restoration Movement and the Stone-Campbell Movement. They took the names Christian Church or Church of Christ to note their allegiance not to any denomination, but solely to Jesus Christ.

Cornerstone Church of Christ continues to be dedicated to the goal of restoring the Church of Christ as found in the New Testament, looking only to the Scripture as our rule of faith and practice.

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